Judges 2018

Date Show 2018 Critiques
6th January Boston Mrs G J Lilley
19th January Manchester  Mr J Horswell
27th January Dalmatian of The Year  Announced on the day
3rd February British Dalmatian Club Open  Miss C Chapman
17th February Joint Dalmatian Club  Mrs I E Whiting (Bitches) Mrs C Lewis (Dogs) Mrs P M Wilson (Referee)
10th March Crufts Mrs S A Neath-Duggan
18th March North of England Dalmatian Club Open Mr I Page
27th April WELKS  Mr G Robertson
5th May British Dalmatian Club Open  Miss M Hobbs
10th May Birmingham National Miss D R Precious
19th May SKC Mrs S Parkin-Russell
28th May Bath  Miss P A Wills
3rd June Southern Counties  Mrs C E Cartledge
8th June Three Counties Mr M Cocozza
16th June Dalmatian Club of Scotland CH  Mrs S L Ridgway
16th June Border Union  Mrs F C T Hartley
22nd June Blackpool Mr L Cox
29th June Windsor  Mrs B I Rance
7th July East of England  Mrs S Wilkinson
22nd July North of England Dalmatian Club Open  Mrs J Kaal
27th July Leeds  Mr P Bailey
 TBC Northern Ireland Dalmatian Club Open
7th August Paignton  Mr T Ball
11th August Bournmouth  Mrs B Smith
19th August WKC  Mr A Wight
26th August Dalmatian Club of Scotland Open
26th August SKC  Mrs H Stickley
2nd September City of Birmingham  Mr E Casey
9th September Richmond  Mr B Deamer
14th September Darlington  Mr W Browne-Cole
29th September Northern Ireland Dalmatian Club CH Show  Mr A Talbot
30th September Belfast
23rd September Driffield  Mr A Smirthwaite
7th October South Wales Mr A Brace
13th October North Of England Dalmatian Club CH Show Mr S J Bolt (Bitch), Mrs M E Mulholland (Dog) and Mrs A P Bliss (Referee)
28th October Midland Counties  Mr P Iversen
3rd November British Dalmatian Club CH Show Mr J Watson (D)
Mr L M Cutts (B)
Mr M Smith (Referee)
1st December BUBA  Mrs J Gardner
15th December  LKA Mr S Harrison-Stratford

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