Judges 2019


Date Show 2019
5th January Boston Mrs M Cuthbertson
20th January Manchester Mr R Sansom
16th February Joint Dalmatian Club Mr M Dunnachie (D), Mrs A E Smith (B) and Ms L Moore (R)
10th March Crufts Mrs C Pickup
23rd March AGM
14th April North of England Dalmatian Club Open Miss C Page
27th April WELKS Mrs K Harrison-Stratford
10th May Birmingham National Mr J Moate
19th May SKC Mrs D L Whincup
26th May Bath Mrs J Christie
2nd June Southern Counties Mrs L Lewis
8th June Three Counties Mrs L Bolt
9th June Northern Ireland Dalmatian Club Open
16th June Dalmatian Club of Scotland CH
16th June Border Union Mrs P Dickson
21st June Blackpool Mr K A Nathan
30th June Windsor Mrs E Tilson
7th July East of England Mr K Berry
21st July North of England Dalmatian Club Open Mrs H Tingey
28th July Leeds Dr J Stevenson
6th August Paignton Mrs G Lilley
11th August Bournmouth Mrs J Evans
18th August WKC Mr P Harding
24th August SKC Ms L Moore
1st September City of Birmingham
8th September Richmond
13th September Darlington Mrs J Peak
28th September Northern Ireland Dalmatian Club CH Mr S Addy
29th September Belfast
22nd September Driffield Mr R Hernandez
11th October South Wales Mrs J Kay
27th October Midland Counties Mrs J Saunders
12th October North Of England Dalmatian Club Ch Miss S E Dandy (D), Mrs D E Dinsdale (B) and  Mr A J Smirthwaite (R)
2nd November British Dalmatian Club CH Show Mr A Beeston (D), Mr A Foss (B) and Mr J Watson (R)
7th December BUBA Mr J Goulding
15th December  LKA Mr A Cuthbertson

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